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Happy new year

2012 official color

This is the official color of the year 2012. As you know, every year some kind of color experts choose what will be the general colors who everybody will have over (on clothes) or your car will be. This is the new year color so you can fix or change your website to fix on […]

Version 0.1 beta

I do not like any of the WordPress themes I’ve seen, even with changes. I have therefore opted to create one. Hence, this is the bad and green version that I think this blog will be converted. Of course, when completed it will free for anyone to use. We do not believe that things, however […]

No, no and no

No, I don’t like this theme at all. No, I don’t like any wordpress theme (of course it runs with)… so… maybe I must do a myself theme or something… so there will be lot of changes.

Design resources

Some icon packs from Pixelophilia (I) (II). 154 icons from WPZCOOM. 266 icons from Frankfurt (nice for some web applications). 200 icons from Reflection with… of course, reflections. 120 icon from PinkMoustache for your application. 22 icons from iPhone Style Sidebar. 18 Payment icons from smashingmagazine. 136 icons from Iconic. 100 icons from gCons. 438 […]

Best free fonts of 2010

You know that the most important thing from a designer it’s have a great font library. So, here’s the best from 2010. Link: webdesigner

A new beginning

Today is a new beginning. Strascast it’s complete and all the affords that us made can be seen. Strascast is a new way to develop podcast, videopocast, photo or audio. This is not only a business, this is an idea of life. From now we will post ideas, videos, tutorials, podcast and whatever our imagination […]

Hello world!

This is the very first post on this blog. This post is here before the main site will be available. But, don’t worry. You will read this later. Thanks for coming.